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Passive linerelizor at the end of receiver is the most correctplace for placing of tench. At such winding maximally usedlong guns, less coils of tench, and and less
 than probabilityof his tangling at a shot, and resistance water less than. Acord on all length is pinned against a receiver, thatperceptibly diminishes windage and improvesmanoeuvrability in difficult terms,
 also probability of hookdiminishes by a tench for an obstacle under water. Atwinding of the harpoon rigging along a receiver, a placeremains free under a spool, float, lantern. Thus there ispossibility to put 
linerelizor of tench both from abovereceiver and from a right or left side. There is widespreadopinion, that passive line reli is not consonant with arubber shock absorber. We made an effort decide thisproblem,
 using a powerful magnet as a holding element. Ina difference from springs, 
in our system there is notpermanent resistance at a pull and upcast of tench. Thesystem works in two

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