Cargo Belt Pelengas 150mm (59 inch) Dive Freediving Spearfishing Weight Belt

  • Brand: Pelengas
  • Product Code: Belt 150mm
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     The Pelengas company, when selecting rubber for this belt, was looking for the best materials that will hold a large load and not dry out in the sun. The pelengas belt does not have such elasticity as silicone or latex belts, but it can hold a lot of weight without bursting and the sun does not harm our belt. The pelengas belt will serve you for many years, unlike latex and silicone belts.

     Reliable, Belt rubber with the Marseilles buckle. The belt for fastening of lead freights is made of rubber which chemical composition is picked up taking into account operation in a midland of Russia. Elasticity, resistance to differences of temperatures, impact of direct hit of sunshine. The buckle is made of stainless steel of food brands. In the center of an obkatny roller - rolling deepening for accurate fixing of "uvula", and also for reduction of speakers of parts. Bright metal gloss of a buckle helps search of a belt in case of loss at the emergency emersion.

     Fixing rubber buckle is carried out by two rivets, with a possibility of repair in house conditions. It is long –1500 mm (59 inch) Width - 50 mm Thickness - 3,8 mm Weight - 450 gr

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