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Buoy Reef

Buoy-raft of Marlin "Reef"(Марлин "Риф").A multifunction buoy-raft&nbs..


Dive Spearfishing Buoy-Raft Oasis

Bui-raft Marlin "Oasis" (Marlin "Oasis").The biggest and most comfortable buoy raft in line Marlin.I..


Marlin Kum buoy

The buoy-raft Marlin "Kum" (Marlin "Kum").The buoy serves to mark the location of the underwater hun..


Marlin reel

Reel Marlin for spearfishing. The length is 35 cm, the width of the center is 8 cm, the width along ..


Marlin Torpedo buoy

Double buoy Marlin "Torpedo" (Marlin "Torpedo").Base buoy of the underwater hunter. It serves to ind..


Salvimar Buoy Torpedo with Two Flags (Cmas & Alpha)

The buoy is a torpedo for underwater hunting, bright and well visible on the water. Classic buoy - t..