WGH Buoy to Maintain 50kg Lifting Power at 20m / PVC

  • Brand: WGH
  • Product Code: big pressure buoy
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  • $83.61

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The model is made of dense  boat PVC material, with a density of 900g / m2, of high quality - which is resistant to mechanical damage and the effects of aggressive environmental factors. The material is durable and not afraid of oil and gasoline getting on it, it does not absorb odors, it is durable and wear-resistant, it will last for many years.

-Operating pressure - 2 atmospheres

- It is long - 95 cm.

- Diameter - 30 cm.

- Material - PVC 900 g \ m2 (Czech Republic)

- Three power handles

- Power traction ring in front of the metal

- high pressure valve

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