Spearfishing Stainless Steel Fish Stringer Pelengas

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   Fish stringer is made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

The needle is universal with an increased length of the petal, for the ability to hold the caught fish.

   Fish stringer is very convenient and easy to use. Suitable for any belt. Attached with 2 carabiners.

The braid allows the strung fish to easily slide along the cable without clinging. There will also be fewer problems with fish with sharp teeth - they will not be able to grab onto the cable with their mouths. The Pelengas nylon fish stringer is also equipped with two plastic D-rings for a convenient fixation on the belt, but it is better to purchase a steel D-ring with a carabiner for this purpose. The D-ring will allow you to securely fix the fish stringer on the belt, and the carabiner will allow you to quickly unfasten or fasten the kukan at the right time.

The fish stringer mechanism prevents twisting and entanglement. Fish stringer Safe will never open or break by itself. Vinogradov's system guarantees the convenience of the mechanism snapping in, even with thick gloves on either side, in the absence of visibility.


needle material - stainless steel 12X18H10T

needle receiver material - anodized aluminum

cable length - 100 cm

cable diameter - 3 mm

PVC braid 4 mm

needle length - 210 mm

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