Pneumo vacuum kit for Mares Cyrano , not cyrano EVO!

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Pneumo vacuum kit for Mares Cyrano , not cyrano  EVO !!!  ,to improve the capacity and performance characteristics of pneumatic rifles imported with a diameter of trunks and 11 mm.

This kit allows to raise the power of your guns (15-20%) without extra efforts when charging.

Due to the absence of parasitic volume of water in the barrel when fired, significantly reduces recoil and throw (no jet of water directed toward the shot).

Increases stability and accuracy of hits even with maximum ranges.

Disappears when firing a click, raspugivajushhij fish.

Significantly increases the service life of aluminum barrel through vacuum clipping collar particles of sand, silt, etc. When loading.

For shotguns with barrels 11 mm diameter, there is a possibility to use harpoons, diameter 7 mm, which gives additional possibilities of using pnevmata in different conditions of hunting.

Due to the "dry" (without water) barrel, when charging the increased buoyancy of the shotgun that has a positive effect on the results of the shooting.

Improved piston with one o-ring increases EFFICIENCY of guns, reducing the friction loss along the piston at a shot.

Miniature sliding bushing, which is equal to the diameter of the nozzle, creates minimal resistance in flight, and does not hinder the passage of the Harpoon through the fish.

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