Spearfishing Nylon Fish Stringer Pelengas With Adjusting Clip

  • Brand: Pelengas
  • Product Code: Fish Stringer Pelengas With Adjusting Clip
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Kukan safe Pelengas TROPHY PROFI with polyurethane braid + retainer

Kukan is equipped with a mechanism for locking the needle in the needle receiver according to the Vinogradov system - this is the best that has been invented to date. The Kukan of Vinogradov's system is always convenient to unfasten or snap into place, even with a thick glove, from any side, even in poor visibility conditions. The needle receiver is metal. The braid facilitates easy sliding of fish along the cable, prevents pike or pike-perch from clinging to the cable with sharp teeth. Made of high-strength materials suitable for spearfishing even in salt water. Needle with an increased length of the flag for better retention of fish without a needle receiver. The material of the leash is a nylon cord reinforced with a PVC pipe, with the possibility of complete replacement in the field. The device of the kukan excludes self-entanglement, twisting, as well as accidental tearing or unbuttoning.

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