MARLIN Marker Safety Buoy Twin Orange

  • Brand: Marlin
  • Product Code: Twin Orange
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  • $22.61

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Buoy Marlin Twin (Marlin Twin) - lightweight and compact single-layer buoy for spearfishing and diving. The main objective of the buoy is safety. It consists in indicating the location of the underwater swimmer, the bright orange color of the buoy is clearly visible from afar, and all watercraft should be kept away from the buoy. A feature of the Marlin Twin buoy is its design, in profile its shape resembles a figure eight. This design allows you to do without the use of a reel - the buoyrp can be wound on the buoy itself. Options: Buyrep 20 m., Flag.   Characteristics:   - The kit includes a buoyrep and a flag; - made of PVC; - 2 mounts for buoyrep and accessories; - dimensions LxWxH: 31x31x24 cm; - height with flag: 51 cm; - weight: 275 g.

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