Buoy Marlin Ellipse Orange

  • Brand: Marlin
  • Product Code: elips
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  • $22.00

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Buoy Marlin Ellipse (Marlin Ellipse) - a universal compact two-layer buoy for spearfishing and diving. The outer layer of the buoy is made of wear-resistant nylon, the inner one is made of PVC.

The Marlin Ellipse buoy allows you to indicate the location of the underwater swimmer, the bright orange color of the buoy is clearly visible from afar.

The buoy has 4 plastic D-shaped rings located around the perimeter in the lower part, which allows you to place a small amount of main or additional equipment on it. Also in the center of the lower part is a plastic carabiner for attaching a buirp.

Options: Buyrep 20 m., Flag.




- The kit includes a buoyrep and a flag;

- wear-resistant nylon coating on the outside;

- inside the chamber is made of PVC;

- 4 plastic D - shaped rings for attaching equipment;

- 1 plastic carabiner for attaching a buirp;

- dimensions LxWxH: 33x33x22 cm;

- height with flag: 50 cm;

- weight: 355 g.

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