Computer CRESSI Drake Titanium (computer for freediving)

  • Brand: Cressi
  • Product Code: Drake Titanium
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $367.82

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GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Four functional modes: STATIC, DYNAMIC, FREE and PRO 9 memory in mode for programming 9 different alarm configurations. Full configuration of alarm settings: times, depths, number of runs or a series of pools Acoustic and visual alarms, fully controlled REPS extension for STATIC and DINAMIC programs for creating and storing ordinary or incremental training tables Precision stopwatch with time and lap time settings fresh water The product can be changed by the user LOG BOOK by session Three history functions containing static, dynamic and deep data recorded during apnea Possible Sample Time Settings The measurement unit (meter and ° C) settings for the imperial system unit (ft-F) can be performed by the user. PC / Mac interface with general information and dive profile (optional) OUTSTANDING FUNCTIONS: CHANGING THE BATTERY ACCORDING TO USER Changing the battery on the new computer apnea Cressi Drake is simple and can be done by the user. Remove the two screws securing the back side cover, the feed system attached to the same cover easily comes out. It is recommended that the O-ring be replaced with every battery change (CR2430). Battery kits and o-rings are available on all Cressi distributors. RECOMMENDED RECOVERY TIME: Free and Pro modes offer a new and interesting feature, important for preventing accidents and decompression sickness, as well as for deep underwater fishing called Recommended recovery times. Drake can calculate the rest time on the surface, recommended before the start of the next dive, taking into account the number of descents, the depth and time of apnea, and also allows you to set an alarm that will be marked this time. 9 SETTING ALARM ACCORDING TO THE DISCIPLINE: in all sleep apnea modes: static, dynamic and free and professional alarm modes are configured and offer 9 different configurations that allow you to perform and record several trainings. Among these alarms (audio and video) it is worth mentioning the following: - Recommended recovery alarms depending on the time of dive descent per day - Dive number alarms - Dive time alarms - Recovery alarms - Repeated depth alarm (for example: every 5 meters ) - 3 defined depth signals (example: 15 - 25 - 40 meters) PC or MAC CONNECTION: In addition, in addition

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