Computer CRESSI Newton (computer for diving)

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After the successful Leonardo and Giotto, Newton is the third project developed, developed and released 100% in Italy by a subsidiary of Cressi Elettronica, created 4 years ago. Fully modular, this is an extremely durable and reliable computer with a watch appearance. Cressi completely controls the quality of this product, as it is fully developed and manufactured by Cressi Elettronica, from computer software to construction and production, quality control and after-sales service. This is an elegant and versatile watch design. Hidden under its modern and attractive clock, is a complete diving computer, which is distinguished by its versatility. Suitable for an advanced or technical diver, but surprisingly easy for the average diver because of its clear and simple presentation of information. ABS anti-lock stainless steel case. Lightweight construction, resistant to impact and wear. The computer case is extremely flat, with a hydrodynamic section without ridges and small size (O51 mm in diameter), with excellent visibility. Super flat profile (maximum height 14 mm) with a fully rounded hydrodynamic design that prevents a potential hold. Even the bracelet anchor maintains a low profile body. The case has a spotty design that combines stainless steel with durable technopolymers. The four buttons have a low profile with minimal clearance to ensure the sealing ring is sealed during perpendicular use and to prevent fine particles or sand from entering the sand, which can affect performance. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is extremely durable and protected by a rounded stainless steel crown. Four buttons for greater ease of navigation, access to information and change settings. Widescreen UFDS (convenient display system) with a diameter of 35 mm with a body size of 45 mm. Provides the notorious ease of navigation and computer menus Cressi. Information display, screen contrast, proportions and size of numbers were carefully selected for ease of use. All information presented is separated by light lines to facilitate reading even in stressful or emergency situations. The backlit screen is activated with a button or when the alarm sounds. The menu and navigation system is identical to other Cressi diving computers, with ease of reading, access to information, and modification of model parameters. Simple setup, navigation through various menus and access to a large amount of information displayed intuitively. Full Nitrox control with the ability to use two different EAN mixtures during the same dive. Air, Nitrox and Calibration Modes. Reset is possible through the menu. This eliminates residual nitrogen so that different users can make consecutive dives. The algorithm includes RGBM and Deep Stop (optional). Longer battery life thanks to a combination of systems: battery saving mode when the computer is not in use with automatic power-up, low-power processor and CR2430 battery. The interface (optional) uses the infrared port to connect to the dive computer and a USB cable to connect to the PC. Software compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac. Calibration is calibrated in salt water for maximum accuracy with normal use.

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