Dive Spearfishing Knife Marlin Atlantic Titanium

  • Brand: Marlin
  • Product Code: Marlin-Atlantic-Titanium
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Marlin Atlantic Titanium - a utility knife with two-edged sharpening. On the one hand – the sharp cutting edge, with another – sawtooth sereitor. It is made of heavy-duty and light titanium. Thanks to the ergonomic handle a knife it is convenient to lay down in a palm. Thanks to unique system of fixing, the knife reliably is fixed in a sheath.

It is completed with a sheath and couple of thongs.

It is supplied with a metal knob on a hilt.

- cast titanic edge;
- teardrop shape of a blade;
- sawtooth стропорез;
- anatomic handle;
- metal knob;
- classical form of a blade;
- reliable fixing in a sheath;
- thong length: 49 cm;
- edge length: 12,5 cm;
- knife length: 25 cm;
- edge width: 2,8 cm;
- edge thickness: 3,5 mm;
- weight: 115 g.

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