acessores for spearfshing and spearguns, spearfishing line ,lnerelieser,fish stnger,repair kits ,speargun rels ,harpoon and tips

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PELENGAS Valve Vinogradova On Snorkel

Vinogradov valve installed on a breathing tube. The valve overlaps eac..



Fish Stringer is made out of stainless steel of 12Х18Н10Т. Generallength of needle is a 210 mm, leng..


Brass Belt Pelengas For Cargo Belt

Bras Pelengas belt for Pelengas cargo belt with quick-detachable buckleBrass belt for cargo belt wit..


Camera Mount Pelengas For Speargun

Do not spoil in salt water, the materials of plastic and aluminum cladding are covered with anode, t..


Carbine With D- By A Ring

D-ring is designed to keep cargo from moving along the cargo belt of the hunter, as well as to attac..


Monometr For Speargun Pelengas

Measure the pressure in the speargun Pelengas, unscrew the back cover and tighten the meter...


Pneumo vacuum kit for Mares Cyrano , not cyrano EVO!

Pneumo vacuum kit for Mares Cyrano , not cyrano  EVO !!!  ,to improve the capacity an..


Repair Kit For Pelengas Magnum

Repair kit bearing: a set of sealing rings, a piston and a spare plastic linerlieser..


Salvi Bungeetech 4m

The BungeeTech float line keeps your buoy near to you when surface swimming and diving. This allows ..


Spearfishing Nylon Fish Stringer Pelengas

Generallength of needle is a 210 mm, length of rope are a 1000mm, diameter of rope a 3 mm in br..


Spearfishing Spearguns Float Universal

Float-wing for all types of pneumatic guns.Excellent alternative&..