Speargun Reels Pelengas Plastic Black-White

  • Brand: Pelengas
  • Product Code: Plastic Black-White
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Excellent lightweight and sturdy spear gun reel. Allows you not to heavily weight the gun, unlike stainless steel reels. Convenient adjustment with a plastic handwheel.
The weight of the Pelengas plastic coil is only 60 grams.
Made of high-strength engineering plastic with metal ruler. Has a very convenient line tension adjustment system (patented). Suitable for shotguns with receivers from 28 to 40 mm. The spool diameter is 65 mm. Fastened with electrical tape or clamps to the receiver of the gun, usually from the bottom or side
The coil is easily attached to the receiver of the gun with electrical tape, clamps or a line with epoxy.
The spool includes 20 meters of a 2mm line, 22 meters of a 1.8mm line, 25 meters of a 1.5mm line
Country of origin Ukraine
Purpose Spearfishing
Spool Plastic
Spool diameter 65.0 (mm)
Mount Vertical
Handle location Universal
Weight 60.0 (g)

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