Titanium Speargun Zelinka Mastera Bazovskogo With a Force Control

Titanium Speargun Zelinka Mastera Bazovskogo With a Force Control
Materials on ZIM-10:
titan of VT1-0:
receiver, front plug, rear plug, the snubber case, the pusher case, the screw on the valve

titan of BT14:
the central bearing part, the sliding barrel on a harpoon

Art. 40Х13:
napayka on a trunk, whispered, a tip

Art. 12Х18:
the rear barrel of a trunk, half moon to a linesbrasyvatel, a linesbrasyvatel rear, the snubber barrel, a pusher, the valve, a trunk of 10 mm

Art. 30Х13:

ZIM-10 of 520 mm - the weight of 690 g

ZIM-10 of 600 mm - the weight of 790 g

The titanic gun for spearfishing:

active linesbrasyvatel, eccentric bearing part, the mobile valve + a mobile trunk, the snubber case with the mechanical absorber + a gidroammortizator.

inner diameter of a receiver of 35 mm
diameter of a receiver is 38 mm
in places of a pro-point 37,3
active линесброс
eccentric central bearing part
trunk of 10 mm
arrow of Salvi 7,5mm
titanic runner (skolzyashka)

Accepts arrows with a diameter of 7 mm, 7,5mm, 8 mm in the presence of a skolzyashka under diameter of an arrow.

In a set:
SALVI harpoon, Swedish steel
2 buckets
the handle to the pump

Positive buoyancy after a shot, floats with the coil.
guarantee 3 years.

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