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Pelengas Magnum Carbon 120 cm carbon-fiber air-powered underwater gun for the ocean is made for demanding hunters who want accurate and powerful shots in clear water. Heavy enough, but retains light positive buoyancy when charged. The top of the gun has a white line along which it is very convenient to see the aiming point. The material is two-layer carbon, one layer is power, the second is decorative. The receiver is round, so changing the direction of the sight is very easy. In a set: the increased corrosion-resistant Pelengas coil which is the lightest on the market, a muzzle, a set for service "Profi", the extended charger.


barrel of 100% carbon

for hunting in clear water

high weight with positive buoyancy

simple and intuitive aiming

round receiver

megalighty enlarged Pelengas reel

service kit "Profi"

guide rail for easy aiming.


Shotgun length 120 cm

Barrel Material: Carbon

Target hit range: up to 5 meters

Receiver Shape: Round

Weight: 3 kg

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