Pneumatic Vacuum Speargun Pelengas Varvar 150

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Speargun Magnum 140 is crushed, trigger mechanism magnum changed to trigger mechanism barbarian (locked whisper)

The new Pelengas Varvar 140 shotgun without a combat power regulator is very. an interesting shotgun with a trigger system that is unique to the serial system. The trigger mechanism virtually eliminates friction of the parts of the mechanism, this gives the gun a very soft trigger, and therefore increases the accuracy of shooting. The piston is lightweight, relative to standard pneumatic pistons, in addition, the probability of breaking the piston is reduced, the sound of a shot is reduced, and TTX guns are improved.

In Varvar 140 2020, the probability of a self-shoot is excluded, since the sear is locked with a special pin. ".


Excellent acceleration characteristics of the piston (longer piston stroke), making the gun more powerful compared to analogues of the same length

The possibility of a self-gun is excluded, since the sear is locked with a hairpin

Smooth descent, which means increased accuracy of the shot

Increase shotgun downloads

Lightweight aluminum back

The locking mechanism that eliminates the crossbar

Pneumatic vacuum muzzle

Streamlined, ergonomic handle

The harpoon holds firmly in the piston, eliminating the possibility of it falling out and getting into the barrel and water receiver

Speargun Pelengas 140+ combines the best that invented today. Power, ergonomics, quality of materials - everything suggests that this model - the undisputed leader among the commercially available Spearguns.

Pneumatic Vacuum technology. Spear Gun with always dry barrel;

- Buoyancy speargun;

- 20-30% more power compared with same size analogs;

- Aluminum anodized tank with a hydrodynamic form;

- Patented Side Line Release

- Technopolymer Shock-absorber Bushing and Piston

- Built-in handle reel mount allows to install and dismantle it for a minute (patented).
- The damper piston - mechanic, polyurethane. It provides a soft and quiet operation of the mechanism.

- Cullen Tahiti harpoon type 7 mm in length and diameter of the shank is interchangeable with a plurality of serially-produced guns.

- The sliding sleeve is made of high strength stainless steel molding. It is equipped with brand protection tench from cuts, developed and implemented in the production company Pelengas.

. The barrel with an inside diameter of 11.99 mm made of stainless steel.

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