Pneumatic Speargun Salvimar Predathor Plus 55, 65

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Pneumatic rifle Salvimar Predathor Plus 55, 65 (with combat force regulator). A new model of air speargun from the famous Italian manufacturer of high-end equipment for spearfishing Salvimar. In the PREDATHOR rifle, the manufacturer took into account modern layout requirements. In particular, it is an anatomical handle, side line throw and a large trigger guard, which allows you to use the gun in a fairly thick gloves or mittens. The presence of a combat force regulator further expands the capabilities of the spearfisher in different conditions. Underwater rifle from Salvimar, made according to the wishes of Russian spearfishers. Combat force adjustment version. Necessary option when hunting in places with a lot of flooded trees and with a rocky bottom.


The design of the rifle is completely identical to the usual Predathor, but added the function of adjusting the combat force.

Smooth descent

Powerful and moderately heavy rifle, its weight gives it stability when firing. Due to this, the rifle has one of the lowest throwing performance, which will be especially appreciated by novice hunters.

Convenient fuse

The handle with the button to reduce the force of the shot is made of composite material, which is seventy percent high-quality nylon plastic with the addition of thirty percent fiberglass - it is resistant to wear and temperature fluctuations.

The side revolver launcher is raised to the right part of the rifle and will not interfere with either the coil or the flashlight mounted on the rifle.

Available receiver lengths 55, 65, 75, 85 cm.

Great design: the design of the handle, reminiscent of a scaly comb, gives the gun a really predatory, futuristic look.

The rifle was developed and manufactured in Italy at the SALVIMAR plant.


The type of rifle is pneumatic.

Receiver length - 65 cm.

The location of the handle - behind.

Harpoon hook - rear.

Harpoon - 8 mm, thread 7 mm.

Barrel - 13 mm (aluminum).

Range of battle - 4 meters.

Line dropper - lateral, active.

The handle is anatomical.

Buoyancy without a harpoon is positive.

Factory injection - 28 kg / cm3.

Vacuum supercharger - no.

Fuse - yes.

Complete set: Harpoon, tip, line, charger, pump, instruction, packing, key.

Rules of operation: Do not allow blockages of a trunk, wash a harpoon and a nadulnik from particles of sand and silt. Do not blow the muzzle into the ground. Rinse with fresh water after sea hunting. The air rifle is designed to work underwater, a shot on land will inevitably lead to breakage.

Safety: Actions for charging and discharging strictly in water. For the sake of your health and the safety of others - do not tie a gun to your hand, do not aim at people in a cocked state.

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