Jail, Hawaiian, sling for spearfishing The simplest spear guns, but at the same time, the most sporty ones are slings, or whatever their name is, Hawaiian, or even spears. Hunting with a sling is great for spearfishers, women and teenagers, as well as for hunting in specific conditions. The simplest spear guns are slings, or Hawaiian, or spears. This is an aluminum or fiberglass tube with a diameter of 10-12 mm and a length of about 1.5 meters. A tip in the form of a trident (or 4,5,6 teeth) is screwed on one end, and a rubber elastic hose with a diameter of about 10-15 mm is attached to the other end. There is a loop at the end of the rubber hose. You thread a large section of the right hand into the loop, and pull this hose in the direction of the "pole" along the surface to the tip, about half the length of the entire Hawaiian and clamp the "body of the shaft" of the right hand, when you notice the fish - it relaxes the hand and the rubber traction compresses pushes " spear" forward.

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