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Speargun  of Pelengas Z - linka 70 this valvular pneumatic gun of the system Zelinskogo. The feature of guns of this type is that a piston at a platoon does not test permanent pressure. At pressures of kurk a valve and piston are opened under strong pressure throws out a harpoon from a barrel. Due to the smooth lowering exactness of firing gets better in fact here is not strong tossing. By the distinguishing feature of Pelengas Z - linka 70 is high quality of materials.Brandname hadle that is famous the ergonomics and possibility of the rapid fastening of spool is here used.A model is specially worked out for the captured hunt, under the large beginning to swing due to the thick-walled receiver. The piston of gun is not tied to sear. It allows to take out the harpoon of gun together with a piston, here abandoning air in a receiver, due to a valve, closing a barrel. In Pelengas Z - linka 70 is realized valve of beginning to swing, by analogy with the serial guns. But a producer also kept possibility pumping through cap. In addition, in a model the own system of placing of linerelieser is used on brandname handle of Pelengas .LinrelieserŅ is placed on the left, that guarantees the comfortable winding of working tench along the axis of receiver. In turn, it means that resistance will not be and from below there will be an enough place as for a spool so submarine lantern.

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