Catch Microfiber Terry Towel Dark Purple

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Catch Microfiber Terry Towel (Marlene Microfiber Terry Towel) is an incredibly soft and super absorbent microfiber fleecy towel. Its terry finish resembles a classic terry towel, but at the same time it is several times more compact in comparable size and has many prevailing properties. The towel is several times lighter than a standard terry counterpart, it is able to absorb moisture up to 7 times its own weight. At the same time, during the spinning process, up to 90% of water leaves it, which speeds it up and so fast drying. The towel also has a high durability. After repeated washes, it does not lose its original appearance and its properties. The towel is packaged in a special cover with a mesh insert for easy packaging, transportation and drying.   Towel Marlin Microfiber Terry Towel is produced in colors: dark purple, royale blue. Available sizes: 40x80 cm, 60x120 cm, 75x130 cm.   Specifications: - soft terry finish pleasant skin; - low weight; - high compactness; - the magnificent absorbing properties; - practical case included; - wear resistant; - machine washable.

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