Marlin Microfiber Travel Towel Royale Blue

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The Microfiber Marlin Microfiber Travel Towel (Microfiber Travel Towel) is the perfect combination of practicality and comfort!

Microfiber, or microfiber, is a fabric with low density, and, consequently, low weight, capable of absorbing a huge amount of liquid, namely up to 7 times its weight. At the same time, almost all the liquid comes out during manual spinning, and it will take a matter of time to completely dry.

The very weight of a microfiber towel in dry form in comparison with a similar size terry up to 5 times less. The material is anti-allergenic and very pleasant to the skin, resembling soft suede.

Travel compactness makes it easy to place it even in a travel cosmetic bag. Therefore, it will become an indispensable attribute on trips, hiking in the mountains or just to the gym or swimming pool.

An additional bonus of this towel is its durability. It is not afraid of multiple washes and retains its original appearance and properties.

Travel towels are supplied in a practical waterproof case with an insert of ventilated mesh elements for quick drying (when the towels are packed wet) and a convenient handle for carrying or hanging.

Depending on your needs, you can easily choose the size that is necessary and convenient for you!


Towel Marlin Microfiber Travel Towel is produced in colors: blue, dark purple, magenta, orange, royale blue.

Available sizes: 40x80 cm, 60x120 cm, 75x130 cm.



- pleasant skin material;

- low weight;

- high compactness;

- the magnificent absorbing properties;

- practical case included;

- wear resistant;

- machine washable.


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