Compensator For Ferrei W 152

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Mounting float foam for a lamp Ferei W152 / W152B / W156 under a cylindrical receiver.

The float-mount from the company Ferei keeps the lamp under the receiver and compensates for its weight, bringing the buoyancy of the underwater gun to neutral in the charged state and positive without a harpoon. The float is universal, that is, it fits all cylindrical forms of receivers. It is made of foamed polystyrene, in other words, of foam. It has a cellular structure, with closed pores, therefore it does not absorb water and does not swell. Does not lose its properties under the influence of sunlight and temperature changes.

 The sequence of installation of the lamp:

1. Remove the rear battery cover in the lantern.

2. Insert the lantern into the tunnel at the bottom of the float and press down with some effort until the threaded part comes out on the opposite side. Thus, the rotary ring on the lamp housing is fixed in the grooves of the float, preventing slippage. Switch the light modes - by turning the head of the lamp.

3. Screw the back cover. It will now perform the function of a stopper, keeping the lantern in the float when in use.

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