Dive Led Lamp FEREI W152B XM-L T5 1000Lm

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Ferei W152 is an ultra-bright LED underwater lights, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, sealed with double O-rings (rubber sealing rings) for work under water up to 150 meters. Possessing a unique 360 ​​° rotating magnetic switch, advanced electronics with low battery warning and long battery life, the W152 flashlights are reliable underwater tools designed for years of use.



Maximum power - 1000 lumens

Spectrum - 4500K (warm) or 6000K (cold) to choose from

Modes - 3 brightness modes, blinking

Work time 4-5 hours

Batteries: 2x18650 included

Toughened ultra-clear optical glass withstands high water pressure

Specialized aluminum reflector focuses soft central beam and wide side illumination

High quality waterproof o-rings (rubber sealing rings)

Body Material: Aviation Aluminum

Body coating - anodizing, III degree of rigidity

Waterproof to IP68 to a depth of 150m.

Dimensions, mm: 222 (length) x 42 (head diameter) x 26.5 (case diameter)

Weight: 273 g (without batteries)

Convenient rotating magnetic switch - ideal for underwater use.

A modern power control circuit ensures stable brightness until battery exhaustion.

Advanced low-battery alert system (the flashlight will give a blinking signal for 20-30 minutes before it turns off automatically)

Equipment: Box, flashlight, two 2600 mAh batteries, charger, hand strap, warranty, instruction manual.

Instructions for use

Underwater flashlight W152 runs on two 3.7v 18650 protected lithium-ion batteries.

Battery installation: Unscrew the back cover and insert the two 18650 batteries into the compartment plus forward. Replace the cover and tighten tightly.

Attention: A badly or partially not twisted back cover will lead to loss of tightness and damage to the flashlight.

W152 lamps have four modes: Maximum - Medium - Economy - Flashing. To turn on the lamp, simply turn the magnetic switch 1/4 turn, clockwise or counterclockwise. Repeat the above action (within 2 seconds), the mode will change in the order of sequence.

Staying in one mode for more than 2 seconds, the flashlight will remember it. Turning the switch again will immediately turn off the flashlight. The next time you turn it on, the mode will be the same as the last time it was turned off. Also, the W152 lights are equipped with an advanced feature that prevents damage to the battery and warns the user of the remaining time. When the battery charge drops to 20%, the flashlight flashes intermittently, about once a minute and continues to flash for 20-30 minutes before the flashlight automatically turns off.


1. Periodically wipe the glass and back cover with a dry cloth.

2. Every six months, grease the threads on the back cover with silicone grease.

3. After each third use in water, apply some silicone oil on the magnetic ring, turn on and off the flashlight several times so that the oil penetrates between the contacting surfaces.

4. Be sure to desalinate the flashlight after each use in salt water.

5. Replace damaged sealing rings in time to ensure the waterproofness of the flashlight.

Note: Never unscrew the head and do not touch the walls of the reflector. Also, do not use conventional oil to lubricate the switch as this may damage the silicone o-ring (rubber sealing rings)!

Model W152B


ANSI / FCS Minimum Average Maximum

Luminous flux, lm 130 325 650

Opening hours 10h 4h 2h

Waterproof IP-X8 (IP68)

The depth of the safe dive 150m

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