Underwater Lamp FEREI W155 (3 CREE XP-L, 3 CREE XP-G) (neutral white light, 4500K, 3780 Lm)

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The diving light lamp Ferei W155 XP-L HI, XP-G is equipped with 6 warm-emitting diodes: three side LEDs - СREE XP-G and three central lights - СREE XP-L HI and provide a beam of 3780 lumens. It has 3 modes of brightness, hermetic case, protective mechanism against reverse polarity, temperature control system, digital system for stabilizing the brightness level of the glow. Maximum brightness 3780lm Immersion depth 150m Operating time up to 60 hours Weight 441 g 1. Waterproof diving torch with a depth of up to 150 meters, especially suitable for underwater hunting. 2. Built-in 4 * 18650 lithium battery provides ultra-long running time: 60 hours running time at the lowest glow mode. 3. 3 CREE XP-L HI bulbs in the center and 3 CREE XP-G bulbs with a side, provide a maximum power of 3,780 lumens with a beam distance of 300 meters. Power: 900 Lumens of the diverging beam, 3,780 Lumens of the combined beam, 2880 Lumens of the spot beam. 4. Waterproof glass with a protective coating on both sides, has a high transparency and resistance to high pressure. 5. The lantern body is made of anodized aluminum which is used in the manufacture of aircraft, covered with black oxide film. Lightweight, compact. 6. A large button with a magnetic switch on the back of the lamp allows you to work with one hand. 7. The temperature control system prevents overheating. 8. The battery is protected against overcharging. 9. Batteries in the lamp can be directly charged from the AC network, and they do not need to be removed. 10. In addition, there are 3 brightness modes in the lamp, the brightness of 10 discrete levels - hold the button (10% - 20% - .... 70% - 100%). 11. Low Battery Warning: when the battery is low, the flashlight starts

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