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Marlin Standart socks are made of elastic neoprene, have an anatomical cut (right, left). Inside is an open time. In camouflage models, the outer coating is lycra, in the black model, it is classic black nylon. The outsole is made of harder compression neoprene and reinforced with duratex for better durability. Seams are glued with specialized neoprene glue.

Marlin Standart socks are a great outfit option at an affordable price.

Socks can be made of neoprene with a thickness of 5, 7, 9, 10 mm.

Marlin Standart socks are produced in colors: black, brown, green, gray, emerald, oliva, marea, moss, sand.

Available sizes: 38-39; 40-41; 42-43; 44-45; 46-47.

1 year warranty for gluing seams.


- fully anatomical cut;

- Compression neoprene outsole reinforced with duratex;

- elastic neoprene;

- an open pore inside the sock.

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