Spearfishing Freedive Socks SIGMASUB PROFESSION ULTRA HARD Seal Smooth Skin / Open Cell Anatomical

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Anatomical socks are produced as heaters for men and women. Anatomical socks SIGMASUB PROFESSION ULTRA HARD black smooth/open pore (used exclusively for spearfishing, also worn only when wet) the main differences from ordinary socks are: "bulging" when you put on fins, there is no this effect in anatomical socks, because due to their shape they fit better.

The toe seal (made from a thinner material than the sock itself) performs a "waterstop" function, meaning that the inside of the suit, namely the open cell, sticks to the toe seal material (smooth/open cell, smooth/nylon) further restricting access water under the suit.

The main feature of smooth socks over nylon ones is that they do not freeze in the cold, that is, even if, after leaving the water at sub-zero air temperatures, the smooth coating is covered with an ice "crust", you will not freeze like in nylon socks, it will be enough to chip off the ice and you can then moving to another place (sailing on a boat) to continue spearfishing.

The sole of all models of socks is reinforced compression, for longer operation and less wear (consider the fact that socks are not designed for long walks, they are for swimming in fins and warming, no matter how hard the sole is, the more you walk and trample it, the faster it wears out).

    Material: SHEICO L
    Finish: smooth/open pore
    Thickness: 10mm
    Anatomical socks with obturation
    Approximate water temperature for a comfortable dive: 12 degrees and below
    The sole of all models of socks is reinforced compression
    In this model, the front insert on the fingers and the back on the heel are also reinforced, like the sole, with reinforced compression material.
    Purpose: for spearfishing, worn only when wet
    Sizes 38-39 to 46-47

Since, by its nature, in the aquatic environment, the human body loses heat very quickly, which ultimately leads to hypothermia of the body, sigmasab neoprene socks prevent this process, keeping warm for a long time, the residence time depends on the thickness, season and ambient temperature!

For the correct selection of sigmasab neoprene socks, it is enough to know your shoe size, this value will correspond to the size of the socks. Or tell this value to our manager, we will choose the size for you.

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