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Wetsuit Marlin Pride Oliva (Marlin Pride Oliva) - more camouflage, more anatomy, more comfort.

Pride consists of 44 parts, which makes the suit as much anatomical and convenient to use.

More camouflage - the costume is made in the uniform camouflage of Oliva. Dyuratex, used in protecting the chest, knees and elbows, will not unmask the underwater hunter, since it is also matched in a tone of camouflage. The absence of black contrasting details will positively affect the disguise of the underwater hunter.

In overalls trousers (in the area of ​​the shirt), a smaller thickness of neoprene is used (in models of 7 and 9 mm thick) to facilitate the breathing of the hunter; At the same time, in the solar plexus area, a special insert of thicker neoprene was added for the convenience of charging the underwater gun.

The jacket has a raglan type cut which increases comfort and creates maximum fit of the wetsuit during operation.

The bib (an emphasis for charging guns), sewn into a wetsuit, unlike glued analogs, excludes tearing it during operation.

On the helmet, near the ears, there are inserts of duplicated neoprene - to eliminate the suction of the helmet to the ears.

The duratex material (duratex) protects the knees and elbows of the suit from premature abrasion.

The Marlin Pride Oliva is equipped with a knife attachment, located on the chest, on the left.

On the left side of the thigh there is a pocket under the valve, which allows you to put keys, a phone in the hermetic package and many other valuable trifles.

Obturators on the legs, hands and helmet of the smooth skin material (smus skin) additionally prevent water from entering the interior of the wetsuit.

In the model, Marlin Pride is given the opportunity to self-adjust the costume for growth, as well as the opportunity to get high waist pants. Trimming the straps or shortening the cuffs is very simple. For this, the joints of the overalls and cuffs have bows that will not allow the thread to open.

Wetsuit has "soft seams" due to gluing with special glue.

In suits with a thickness of 7 mm, free edges are pre-drilled.


It is ideally combined with a Marlin Vest Oliva unloading waistcoat, Marlin Anatomic Eco Oliva socks and Marlin Ultrastretch Oliva gloves.

A wet suit can be made of neoprene with a thickness of 7.9 mm.

Available sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.

Warranty for sizing the joints is 1 year.


- soft elastic neoprene;

- camouflage coloring;

- anatomical cut (consists of 44 parts);

- Long John trousers (with straps);

- sleeve type raglan;

- additional reinforcement on overalls in the chest area;

- "soft seams" due to sizing with special glue;

- duplicated neoprene in the region of the ears;

- Obturation on sleeves, trousers and a helmet;

- knees and elbows are protected by duratex material;

- neoprene is duplicated by super-extensible spain-graphite coating;

- the ability to tailor the length of the suit;

- pocket on the thigh.

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