Marlin Zeus Camo sandwich 7mm Wetsuit

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Wetsuit Marlin Zeus Camo sandwich (Marlin Zeus Kamo Sandwich) - a premium model for professional hunters.

The suit is made of sandwich-neoprene (special two-layer construction with a layer of nylon inside the neoprene), outside the camouflaged smooth pore, inside the open pore. Sandwich technology allows you to flaunt a wet suit from smooth neoprene, thereby repeatedly increasing the reliability of seams and the life of a wet suit. Smooth time outside the product, facilitates the movement of the hunter in the water column and does not absorb water, which is ideal for hunting in the cold season.

The wetsuit has an anatomical cut. Pants with a high belt without straps. The joints of the parts are glued with a special adhesive for neoprene recommended by Sheico Corporation. Seams of the product have a two-thread weave - this significantly increases their strength and durability.

The knees and elbows of the costume are reinforced with a durable abrasion resistant material DURATEX (duratex). The lower part of the jacket is made of double-bladed neoprene (nylon / nylon) to exclude the possibility of damage to the suit during dressing and removal, to extend the life of the product.


It is ideally combined with the Marlin Balance, Marlin Anatomic Duratex / Marlin Anatomic Eco socks, and Marlin Ultrastretch Black gloves.

A wet suit can be made of neoprene 7 mm thick.

Available sizes: 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.

Warranty for sizing the joints is 1 year.



- soft elastic neoprene type sandwich (with a layer of nylon inside);

- smooth pore outside / open pore inside;

- camouflage coloring;

- an anatomical cut;

- trousers with a high belt without straps

- knees and elbows are protected with duratex.

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