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The Torpedo Buoy is ideal for boat hunting or when you don't need to take a lot of equipment with you. It is painted bright red and has an alpha flag, which is visible from afar, which makes it safe to be on the water.

The model is made of dense Czech boat PVC material, with a density of 620g / m2, which makes it more profitable among similar buoys. The boat valve gives the torpedo easy air injection and reliability. High quality PVC material - resistant to mechanical damage and aggressive environmental factors.

The torpedo allows you to easily reach the dive site or swim from place to place while hunting or diving, and also gives the underwater hunter a chance to rest when it is necessary by grabbing the buoy with his hand. There is nothing superfluous in it, but at the same time it has everything you need.

The LionFish.sub torpedo buoy is not only designed for spearfishing and diving, but it can also be used in any water activity. The buoy does not affect the quality and quantity of dives, but it performs equally useful functions, ensuring the safety and comfort of the diver. Our products feature stylish designs and vibrant colors. All seams are durable and waterproof.

- Buoy
- Checkbox
- Valve adapter
Dimensions: 75 x16 cm.

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