Computer CRESSI Goa (computer for scuba diving and scuba diving)

  • Brand: Cressi
  • Product Code: Goa
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  • $287.31

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Uncontrolled Lift Control Algorithm Suitable for multi-day multi-day decompression diving Nitrox and air diving can be alternated even during desaturation. Time visualization during the diving phase. Add / remove deep stop. diving time The device is completely reset - useful for rental Planning: scrolling limits without decompression Be paid diving program (apnea) Displays all diving parameters depth temperature Dive calculator Maximum dive time Dive time Length of interval between each dive Diving duration Surf, depth, alarm step adjustable Alarm restore time Gage diving time (without decompression calculator) Depth / temperature indicator Average depth Dive time in minutes and ?? seconds Resettable stopwatch Depth of time on the dive phase Mode in Turning the sensors off for snorkeling / diving logbook up to 50 scuba diving. Up to 500 free diving lessons.

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