Blades C4 Red Falcon HT Carbon

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Blades C4 Red Falcon HT Carbon

Legendary carbon-fiber fin model produced since 1998 contributing to the history of the sport of Freediving leaving a legacy littered with world records beginning with Umberto Pelizzari in 1992. 

Red Falcon Hyper-Tec (HT) is a high-tensile carbon fiber exclusive to C4in the fin industry. TR-50 "Big Square" pre-preg carbon fiber construction. Mucher lower crisscrossing of the strands for high elastic return. 

Thanks to DPC (Double Parabolic Curve) curvature and the 29° angle the performance is much higher than those of the previous Falcon and Flap VGR fins. The increase of the angle allows the diver to swim maintaining a more hydrodynamic "straight" shape with a lower profile and less resistance. Blade

Dimensions: 87cm (34.25") x 20.5cm(8”)

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