Freedive Spearfishing Carbon Fins blades TRITON MORFIN Foot Pocket C4 300 or C4 400

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Our TRITON carbon fins are tested by the best freedivers and professional spearfishermen. This insures we can provide the best quality product with an innovative design and high-end technical characteristics.

Width: 194 mm.
Length: 550 mm from the bend angle.
Bending profile: J – to the end of the blade.
Hardness: soft.
Angle: 25°.

The shank part: stencil on each blade is an easier way to perfectly cut the shank and put the TRITON blades in any footpockets.
We recommend using TRITON blades with footpockets without whiskers – for maximum efficiency.
If you want to get your custom name, logo or design on blades, please do not hesitate to contact us. Prices will be given upon your inquiry.
• TRITON carbon blades are the most technologically advanced blades on the market today. Developed by the best technologists and engineers who produce details for Formula 1 cars.
• We do not varnish the blades on top to give them the better look, because our technologies obtain to make blades with a perfectly smooth shiny surface for high hydrodynamic parameters.
• We use carbon fiber fabrics only from European manufacturers proven over the years.
• The blades are made by autoclaving. 100% carbon.

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