Speargun Cressi Saetta 55, 75

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Speargun CRESSI SAETTA 55 is a new speargun from a recognized world leader in the production of equipment. The main difference of this model is the location of the barrel not coaxial with the receiver. The axis of the barrel is higher than in classical models, for example CRESSI SL or SL / STAR. Such a change is designed to maximally combine the harpoon of an underwater gun and the conditional aiming line of an underwater hunter. This makes aiming much easier and more intuitive.

  The handle of the speargun has a non-slip coating and is quite comfortable. Its upper part with a stopper for injection is as streamlined as possible. This was done to shift the main point of holding the gun as high as possible. With this arrangement, at the time of the shot, the vector of application of the forces of holding and throwing the gun back is maximally combined. This allows you to significantly reduce the toss of the gun when fired and increase accuracy.

Special attention deserves a higher quality, in comparison with analogues, coating of metal parts and high quality plastic parts, thanks to which the gun has a very attractive appearance.


Sighting range in water - 3-4 m.

The handle is made of soft rubber.

Tilt handle ( 40’)

The loader is located inside the gun handle.

Due to the special arrangement of holes for water drainage in the headband, the speed of the shot and the stability of the gun during firing are improved.

Trigger pull reduced by 50%.

New piston and recoil limiter, system completely redesigned for even greater reliability.

Increased power due to double air holes.

The reliability of the gun has increased, its maintenance has been simplified.


Sighting range in water: 3 -3.5 m

Shotgun (receiver) length: 55 cm

Harpoon diameter: 8mm

Harpoon Thread Diameter: 7mm

Handle Location: Rear

Improved headband

The gun is completely made of corrosion-resistant materials

The handle has a niche for fixing the charger

For increased durability, the gun is equipped with a hydraulic brake and a damping sleeve on the piston.

Smooth descent

Soft, angled handle

Complete set: Harpoon, tip, tench, charger, pump, instructions, packaging.

Rules of operation: Avoid blockages in the barrel, wash the harpoon and muzzle from sand and silt particles. Do not insert the muzzle into the ground. Rinse with fresh water after sea hunting. An air rifle is designed to work under water, a shot on land will inevitably lead to breakage.

Safety: Loading and unloading operations strictly in water. For the sake of your health and the safety of others - do not tie the gun to your hand, do not point it at people in the cocked state.

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