Speargun Salvimar Predathor Dark Side 99.9 With Regulator

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Pneumatic vacuum speargun Salvimar Dark Side 99.9 - the latest air rifle for spearfishing with a pneumatic vacuum system.

The barrel of the gun is made of 100% carbon. The module from composite materials Pre-Peg TW-K03, polymerized mechanically under high pressure, allows to reach high compactness and ideal balance. Built-in barrel guide for shooting facilitates aiming.

Standard Dark Side rifle includes lightweight piston, sensitive trigger, acid-green fuse and line drop, ergonomic nylon handle made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, power regulator (85 cm - 115 cm), automatic side line mechanism 13 mm barrel, barrel harpoon Pacific Air ΓΈ7.5 mm.

Additional installation of the coil is possible.


push-button fuse

Combat power regulator

Convenient side line dumper

Large trigger guard - even under a thick glove

Ergonomic handle made of fiberglass nylon

Automatic side line release mechanism

Improved smaller replaceable sleeve

Ease of charging, perfect balance and high speed shot of the harpoon.


Harpoon diameter: 7.5 mm

Trunk diameter: 13 mm

Harpoon material: stainless steel

Trunk material: aluminum

Battle regulator: yes

Coil compatible: Salvimar Side Friction

Complete set: harpoon, tip, charger, pump, rope, passport

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