Spearfishing Freedive Premium socks TRITON Smooth Skin / Open Cell

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Ultra supple, comfortable socks with an anatomical cut. Made with top of the line high durable and compression-resistant YAMAMOTO® 38 neoprene, the certified number issued for TRITON brand by Yamamoto corporation - 37112010.

• 9 parts.
• The sole, toe, and heel are made of ultra-supple Duratex for durability and great holding power.
• The sole, toe, and heel inside are made of Nylon, which ensures an ideal fit on the foot.
• The main part of the sock inside is the open cell for maximum heat retention.
• The main part of the sock on the outside is smooth skin, which allows it to dry faster while transferring on the boat and, accordingly, to keep your foot warm, in comparison with standard diving neoprene socks with other coatings.
• The main part of the sock outside made of smooth skin neoprene for the best fit and grip in your footpocket.
• The unique branded design.
•Available in sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL, XL/XXL.
•Available in thicknesses: 5/7/10 mm.

CAUTION: Before attempting to put on the TRITON socks you must thoroughly lubricate the inside neoprene surface, which can be bought from most dive stores or online.
Please do not attempt to put the socks on dry

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