Marlin WaterLock Nylon Eco Black

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Socks Marlin WaterLock Nylon Eco (Marlin Waterlock Nylon Eco) are made of elastic neoprene from Sheico L, have an anatomical cut (right, left). Internal and external coating - nylon. The upper part of the sock has a smooth smoothskin coating, the contact of which with the pore or smooth surface of the cuff of the pants creates a hydraulic lock, preventing water from getting under the suit and socks. The outsole is made of harder compression neoprene and reinforced with duratex for better durability. Seams are glued with specialized neoprene glue.

- the smoothskin coating on the upper part of the sock provides a secure lock between the sock and the wetsuit;

- nylon lining on the inside allows you to wear socks without using soapy water.

Ideally combined with the following suits: Marlin Blackskin, Marlin Sarmat Eco, Marlin Skiff 2.0.

Socks can be made from 5, 7 mm neoprene.

Available sizes: 38-39; 40-41; 42-43; 44-45; 46-47.

1 year warranty for gluing seams.


- WaterLock technology;

- obturation from smoothskin;

- fully anatomical cut;

- Compression neoprene outsole reinforced with duratex;

- elastic neoprene;

- inner and outer cover - nylon.

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