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Wetsuit Marlin Sarmat (Marlin Sarmat) - the basic model in an affordable price range. Despite this, we kept the functionality of the suit at the proper level. To make it, elastic, soft neoprene of brand L from firm Sheiko is used. The outer covering of the product is black nylon, the inner surface is the open pore. The details of the wetsuit are glued with neoprene glue, recommended by the specialists of Sheiko Corporation. Seams of a suit, made on specialized German equipment, have a two-thread weave, which significantly increases their durability and strength. The cut of this wetsuit is characterized by good anatomy and functionality.

On the left side of the chest is a knife attachment in the form of a sling sewn on special technology, which does not allow water to penetrate through the seam in a suit. To securely attach the scissors of different lengths, each piece of slings has three cells. Sheath can be secured with plastic ties.

Duratex (duratex) is a particularly durable and abrasion resistant material. We use it for amplification on the knees.

On the jacket is a glued and trimmed perimeter fence for charging guns from the same extra strong Duratex (duratex). Our fastening system, in contrast to simply glued analogs, excludes tearing off the stop during operation.


It is ideally combined with the Marlin Balance, Marlin Anatomic Duratex / Marlin Anatomic Eco socks, and Marlin Ultrastretch Black gloves.

A wet suit can be made of neoprene with a thickness of 5, 7, 9 mm.

Individual tailoring of a wetsuit is possible.

Available sizes: 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.

Warranty for sizing the joints is 1 year.



- soft elastic neoprene;

- an anatomical cut;

- trousers with high waist;

- a sleeve of raglan;

- knees are protected by duratex material;

- fastening for a knife;

- bib.

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