Marlin Skilur Oliva 2.0 Wetsuit

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Wetsuit Marlin Skilur 2.0 (Marlin Skilur 2.0) - an updated model of a wetsuit made of olive camouflage.

Elastic, soft neoprene of L brand from Sheiko and anatomically accurate cutting ensure maximum free movement of the underwater hunter in the water.

To facilitate breathing (on models 9, 10 mm) - a jumpsuit jumpsuit (Long John) is made of neoprene of smaller thickness. Skin blinds, arms and helmets prevent water from getting inside the wetsuit.

"Soft seams" are obtained through the sizing of neoprene glue, recommended by the specialists of the corporation Sheiko. Surface sutures are made by two-thread weaving on specialized German equipment. All edges of the suit are treated with an overlock, which eliminates the tearing of the fabric, increasing the period of its operation.

The focus for charging rifles, glued to the suit and stitched around the perimeter. This excludes tearing off the stop during its operation. The duratex material (duratex) protects the knees and elbows of the suit from premature abrasion. The lower part of the jacket is protected by a double nylon neoprene, which allows you to dress and remove the jacket without fear of tearing or leaving a teaser.

Marlin provides an opportunity to tailor the length of the suit itself, as well as get high waist pants. Trimming the straps or shortening the cuffs is very simple. For this, the joints of the overalls and cuffs have bows that will not allow the thread to open.

The Marlin Skilur 2.0 is equipped with a knife attachment (located on the chest, on the left).

On the helmet, near the ears, there are inserts of duplicated neoprene to eliminate the suction of the helmet to the ears.


It is ideally combined with a Marlin Vest Oliva unloading waistcoat and Marlin Nord Oliva gloves.

A wet suit can be made of neoprene 9, 10 mm thick.

Individual tailoring of a wetsuit is possible.

Available sizes: 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.

Warranty for sizing the joints is 1 year.



- soft elastic neoprene;

- an anatomical cut;

- Long Jonh trousers (with shoulder straps);

- sleeve type raglan;

- breastplate (glued and sewed);

- Obturation on sleeves, trousers and a helmet;

- knees and elbows are protected by duratex material;

- fastening for a knife;

- inserts in the ears of duplicated neoprene;

- the ability to tailor the length of the suit.

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