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Wetsuit Marlin Yamaskin (Marlin Yamaskin) is made from Japanese neoprene Yamamoto # 38. This variety of neoprene has unique characteristics. It combines compression resistance, good thermal insulation and excellent elasticity. That's why Yamamoto 38 is our choice for the costume "Yamaskin".

Wetsuit "Yamaskin" has a perfect anatomical cut, consisting of 44 parts.

In overalls trousers, in the field of a tank top, a smaller thickness of neoprene is used (in models 7 and 9 mm thick) to facilitate the breathing of the hunter. At the same time, a special insert of thicker neoprene is added in the solar plexus zone to facilitate charging of the gun.

The jacket has a raglan type cut which increases comfort and creates maximum fit of the wetsuit during operation.

Wrapped in the wetsuit, the rifle charging pad, unlike the glued analogs, excludes tearing it off during operation.

On the helmet, near the ears, there are inserts of duplicated neoprene to eliminate the suction of the helmet to the ears.

The duratex material (duratex) protects the knees and elbows of the suit from premature wear.

A wet suit has "soft seams" due to the gluing with a special glue. All the edges of the costume are pre-drilled, which eliminates the detachment of the fabric from neoprene and extends its life.


It is ideally combined with the Marlin Balance, Marlin Yamamoto Anatomic Duratex socks, and Marlin Open Cell Sheico gloves.

A wet suit can be made of neoprene with a thickness of 5, 7, 9 mm.

Individual tailoring of a wetsuit is possible.

Available sizes: 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60.

Warranty for sizing the joints is 1 year.



- soft elastic neoprene;

- an anatomical cut consists of 44 parts;

- trousers of type Long Jonh;

- sleeve type raglan;

- additional reinforcement on overalls in the chest area;

- "soft seams" due to gluing with special glue;

- duplicated neoprene in the region of the ears;

- knees and elbows are protected by duratex material;

- fastening for a knife.

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